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At this very moment...NATO is debating Croatia’s future within that Western alliance and an integrated Europe.  As a community, we can positively influence that process.  You can insure a brighter future for Croatians by joining us—and by making a contribution to the Croatian American Association today.

With your help, the Croatian American Association has been a leader of for our community.   Your support has made possible so many milestones:  The recognition of the Republic of Croatia.  The right of the Croatian people to defend themselves from an aggressor state.  The return of occupied Croatian territory.  And now, the integration of Croatia into Euro-Atlantic institutions.  Over the past decade and half, we have also sought just and equal treatment for the Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are still many unresolved issues that require your dedicated support:  The preservation and fair treatment of the Croatian community of BiH.  The defense of the Croatian patriots who brought Croatia to freedom and liberated Croatia’s occupied territory.  Further integration of Croatia into Euro-Atlantic institutions.  And the creation of an economic model for Croatia that will allow the people of Croatia to pursue their dreams and realize their potential.

Since Croatia declared independence, we Croatian Americans have worked toward shared goals and a bright future for the Croatian people.  Our united voice has helped Croatia move toward democracy and a future leadership role in central Europe.  Today there is a new Administration in Washington, and a new chance to create opportunities for Croatia and the Croats of BiH.

Please don’t hesitate to show your support by sending a contribution of $50, $100, $1,000, or more.   Help the CAA meet new challenges by joining today.  Your membership dues go directly towards promoting the issues we face today.

Basic Membership is $50 USD per year but many members contribute more in order to help enhance the CAA's ability to meet new challenges.

Basic Membership
You will receive periodic emails alerting you to current events
$50 per year

Silver Membership
In addition to periodic emails, you will also receive our  newsletter - The Croatian American.
$100.00 per year

Platinum Membership
All of the above PLUS membership on the CAA Advisory Board.

Click here to email us with your inquiry or contact us by mail  - we'd be glad to answer any additional questions you may have.

Croatian American Association
National Treasurer
Daniella Sumera
6607 W. Archer
Chicago, IL 60638
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